Managing Expectations

Healing with plant spirits is a journey and not a one-off event. A retreat at Aureum Horus initiates a much longer commitment to healing, integration, and increasing awareness. After leaving our Healing Centre, it is necessary to process and integrate the healing and lessons learned during the retreat into day-to-day life.

Healing is a “two-way street” – you are not a passive recipient of healing but an active and willing partner. The significant healing that can be achieved from taking part in a retreat is the beginning of a much longer process that can accelerate one’s spiritual development and re-awakening.

Before retreat, it is essential that you are fully and passionately dedicated to changing your life. You will typically be returning back after retreat with an increased level of awareness and it is important that you understand what this entails.

Having an increased level of consciousness means you become more aware of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and that which is no longer beneficial in your life. You will be presented with ongoing choices to change various aspects of your life with an increased awareness, moving away from charged reactions and towards consciously responding to life. You must be resolutely prepared to commit over the long-term to your integration process after retreat.

When working with plant medicines , it is important to not hold on to expectations. Healing and transformation often unfold differently from what we expect them to look like. The normal tendency is to avoid painful experiences we think of as negative, to shy away from situations that may be hurtful, and to suppress our real feelings. The heart can only come to our aid if, instead of running from what we dislike, we become fully present with what we are experiencing during our healing process. When we accept the unacceptable instead of pushing it away, we discover that the flip side of psychological and emotional pain is personal growth – and that our pain is simply our healing wanting to break through.

You get what you need, which isn’t always what you want.

The facilitation style at Aureum Horus focuses specifically on guiding participants through the deep and often difficult experiences faced at some stages during ceremonies and integrating them. Our healing programs work with tried and tested techniques to help guests move through the process with determination and grace.We have learned these techniques through the trials of our personal deep healing and work with the medicine over many years.

Healing with plant medicine is a process of self-awakening, with a significant helping hand from nature. The pathway is through the shadow, which is often reflected and projected both during and outside of ceremonies. In short, the best way “out” of emotional pain is through – by surrendering to the healing process.

It is important to understand that deep healing can be challenging. You will be embarking on a journey into the unknown, which ultimately is a journey into yourself. reflecting only what is contained within – your emotions, pain, patterns, programs, and fears through a powerful system of emotional development and mastery. It is a very difficult yet exponentially rewarding process if we stay committed.