What is a shamanic healing?

Here at AUREUM HORUS we create a powerful environment that serves as a catalyst for your journey and a powerful conduit for healing, growth and peace.

There are many things we all encounter that can unbalance the perfect harmonies of our body, mind and spirit such as stress, toxins, traumas, illness, habit patterns and lifestyle choices.

A healing session can be compared to taking your car in for a tune-up, but the vehicle is your body and the tuning is literal.

As a human being, your vehicle is so much more complex than an automobile so the effect is deeply felt at all levels of consciousness.

The result of this rejuvenating vibrational experience is the washing away of past patterns and old stuck beliefs and addictions, as well as rebalancing and regenerating your entire body, mind and spirit.

We will assist you through this transformation with experience, share knowledge and use highly intuitive, heart-centred guidance and pure intention.

The session will attune to your personal and specific needs and then invoke divine wholeness.

It will help you connect with and sustain new harmonies that vibrate with health, prosperity, wellness and joy.

A healing session utilises healing frequencies and vibrations in order to strengthen and/or heal the energy body. It does this in 2 primary ways: through the sounds themselves and through inducing meditative or trance states to access non-physical realities or what shamans call spirit worlds.

All dis-ease is ultimately the result of problems with the energy body. The energy body includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.

shamanic healing is both an art and a science, and takes into account all the elements that make up the energy body. Awareness and intention are just as important as sound. In fact, sound acts as a carrier frequency for healing intentions.