Copal is used by a number of indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America as an incense and communal ceremonies. It helps in healing wounds, sores, ulcers, carbuncles, hemorrhoids, and inflammations.

Copal is known as the Mediator between heaven and earth, between the matter and the spirit, between alive and dead, bond of union of the human with the father mother creator, element that transports prayers to the scope of the divine.

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It is a very important material in ritual uses, the smoke that rises as the fire transforms the essence of things, represents a bond of union, communication between heaven and earth.

It has been compared to the smoke of the copal and its perfume, to the same soul that rises to the divine plane. The Clear search for connection of the human being with the creator principle of life, was thought to be led by the white smoke of the copal.

In a therapeutic use the copal heals the diseases produced by cold and humidity, as well as calm the headaches and the so-called strangulation of the womb.


Science has currently demonstrated the antibacterial action of this natural essence. Besides that the aroma of the copal penetrates through the nose and produces positive reactions in the nervous system.

In other uses the copal can be used smeared on the skin, as a poultice on fractures and also to swelling. Relieves problems associated with the airway. Applying a drop of hot copal can suppress the pain of a tooth