Nicotiana Rustica


Also called ‘mapacho‘ has been used for generations by native

American tribes: as an offering to the spirits.


A lot of shamans use Mapacho in ayahuasca ceremonies because of the plants known healing and protection qualities. Mapacho is known to be a very powerful spirit with a masculine energy,

around Mapacho no negativity can exist. He is powerful! Mapacho is one of the most sacred teachers and visionary plants of the plant world. When used by shaman they don’t inhale the smoke, instead, the smoke is swallowed.

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Mapacho Tobacco can be used in a number of ways

  • Protection -Mapacho is used to open and create a safe ceremonial area before ceremonies. The shaman uses it to bless the four directions – north, south, west, and east – and to call the spirits that will guard the ceremony. Spirits love tobacco; it’s like chocolate to women. When closing the ceremony some shamans like to go to each participant and give them protection against other energies that can disturb the person after the ceremony is closed. When the shaman closes the ceremony again he or she thanks the spirits for the journey by using tobacco.


  • Cleaning – If the space where the ceremony is being held has a kind of heavy or stuck energy the shaman will detect it and blow tobacco smoke to clear it. Its the same with people. If a person feels that the energies that s/he is seeing during the ceremony are not of a good vibration the shaman can blow tobacco smoke around the aura of the person. Tobacco also helps with vomiting. If you are struggling to vomit during Ayahuasca, smoking a Mapacho will fix the problem. A Mapacho is a natural cigarette made from dry tobacco leaves without any additives. It is what the shamans in the Amazon always use.


  • As a vehicle to give energy -When a person feels weakened during the ceremony or is struggling too much with the purge process, then the shaman can transfer a part of his or her energy in the Mapacho smoke. This action is known as “ikarar”. Some shamans like to give tobacco purges before the Ayahuasca ceremony because it helps with cleansing and purifying the energy. It is also good for activating the third eye.


  • Powerful message carrier and manifestor -As a powerful messenger and carrier of information, Mapacho can be used to program crystals (as well as cleanse them). Simply take the smoke, swallow and the exhale with the intention of going into the smoke. The same process applies if you want to use Mapacho for manifesting.


  • Micro-dosing – If you would like to work with Mapacho, but don’t fancy smoking it, then one of the great ways is to micro-dose. Take a few flakes then add it to your herbal tea – Don’t add more than a couple of flakes or you may purge. Micro-dosing Mapacho means you are taking on the properties of the plant and plant spirit.


  • Healing – This Mapacho has some of the strongest healing capabilities I have ever seen. You can use Mapacho by blowing smoke on to the affected area three times. This is usually enough to dissipate any negative or trapped energy


  • Smudging – Mapacho is a great smudging tool and it is often my most favoured because of the healing and protection qualities the spirit has.